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Been a while

So its been like forever since i used this but honestly i think to stay sane i need to be putting pen to paper or fingers to keys and writing my thoughts down.

I lost one Job a month ago and then last week lost another one and am starting to think that its me what am i doing wrong here. I know why i was let go from last job and i saw that coming but with this new one three weeks how can you Judge someone in three weeks really how can you and then to tell me my customer service skills are brillant but that i am not competent to do the job that is a low blow. Well at least i have so money not that its going to last long thats for sure.

Sometimes i wish that i had never taken the trip to queensland, sometimes i wish that i had just quit and it would've been easier. It hurts because being 30 still living at home sucks, and maybe i am using it as an excuse but each time i think about moving something goes wrong.

Most days i just want to burst out crying and run and hide under the covers and never move other days i am fine. I honestly know that i am depressed no why i am depressed but yet do nothing about it.

Am headed to Sheparton with the parents 2mrow my dad asked me if i wanted to go he said he would buy me lunch while am still paying him money his at least been good about it dispite the when i buy something and he says well you could've given me that $5 I want to be able to shout them dinner or lunch, I want to be able to go out with friends, Honestly how do the Dole Bludgers get by on this honestly how